So Delicious launches range of oatbased vegan desserts

So Delicious launches range of oat-based vegan desserts

Popular dairy-free dessert and beverage brand So Delicious has launched a new line of frozen desserts made using oat milk.

The vegan ice-cream giant’s three new flavors are Peanut Butter and Raspberry, Oatmeal Cookie, and Caramel Apple Crumble. All are advertised as non-GMO and gluten-free, and if you only pay attention to the words raspberry and apple, you might even be able to convince yourself that they’re part of a balanced breakfast. Okay, maybe they’re not, but who cares?

The pint-sized tubs include ingredients like real fruit and nuts, organic cane sugar, coconut oil and, of course, oat milk, which is apparently central to showcasing the other ingredients.

“Oat milk’s creamy texture and neutral taste really allow the flavors to shine through,” said Senior Brand Manager Jennifer Michuda.

“The new line of frozen desserts brings oat milk out of the beverage aisle and into a new category of dairy-free delights.”

That said, for now it’s only those in the US who can bring them out of the dessert aisle and into their house. While a number of So Delicious products are available internationally, the brand has not yet mentioned such plans for its oat-milk line.

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