21 Vegan Recipes to Celebrate Summer

After years spent in school it feels like everyone’s programmed to believe summer’s over when September 1st rolls around. But would you believe we’ve got nearly 40 days left of summer? Let’s make the most of it!

This post is dedicated to our most summery recipes. We’ve got mains, sides, appetizers, dips, desserts, and drinks. We’re talking burgers, potato salads, macaroni salad, guacamole, rice rolls, smoothie parfaits, and of course, lemonade. Let’s celebrate another month of summer!


1. Chipotle Maple Glazed Tofu Burgers


2. Fresh Vegetable Crunchy Rolls with Peanut Sauce


3. Mushroom & Black Bean Burgers


4. Marinated Tofu Naan Wraps with Avocado Lime Slaw


5. Grilled Veggie Taco Bowl



Sides Dishes

6. Rainbow Potato Salad


7. Tex-Mex Three Bean Potato Salad


8. Classic Macaroni Salad


9. Grilled Veggie Kebabs with Creamer Potatoes & Tofu


Appetizers & Dips

10. Two-Bite Baked Potatoes (Tex-Mex and Loaded)


11. Loaded Nacho Plate


12. Spicy Nacho Potato Bites


13. The Best Vegan 7 Layer Dip


14. Roasted Garlic Red Lentil Hummus


15. Guacamole


Desserts & Frozen Treats

16. Chocolate Brownie Sundae


17. Banana Chai Smoothie Parfait


18. Raspberry Crumble Bars



19. Iced Coffee Upgrades for Summer


20. Carrot Sunshine Smoothie


21. Perfect Summertime Lemonade


And there you have it, 21 recipes for making the most of the rest of summer. What are your favourite summer recipes?

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