Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

With less than a week to go before Thanksgiving it’s time to finalize your menu, plan out your grocery list, and read through your recipes. Are you prepared?

I’ve put together a roundup of 30 delicious vegan recipes that are perfect for Thanksgiving. We’ve covered breakfasts, main courses, side dishes, all-in-1’s, and desserts! We’ve got all the usual stuff: the holiday roast, the mashed potatoes, the Brussels sprouts, the sweet potato casserole, the stuffing, and of course, the pumpkin pie (actually we’ve got 2 of those!) Plus we’ve got fun stuff like holiday burgers, Thanksgiving bowls, caramel apple cinnamon rolls, and pumpkin pie parfaits. I promise, there’s something here for everyone! Happy eating!



1. Caramel Apple Smoothie Bowl

2. Spiced Maple Pecan Scones (from Nature’s Path)

3. Perfect Vegan Cinnamon Buns

4. Spiced Apple Breakfast Bowl

5. Sweet Pumpkin Seed Protein Granola*

*not pictured



6. Thanksgiving-Style Smashed Potatoes

Main Courses

Main Courses

7. The Ultimate Thanksgiving Loaf with Cranberry Glaze

8. Vegetable Pot Pie with Vegan Biscuits

9. Leek & Mushroom Couscous Stuffed Squash

10. How to Cook a Tofurky Roast

11. Holiday Shepherd’s Pie

12. Healthy Veggie Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

All-in-1 Thanksgiving Meals

All-in-1 Thanksgiving Meals

13. The Vegan Holiday Burger

14. The Roasted Vegan Thanksgiving Bowl

Side Dishes

Side Dishes

15. Pecan Butter Brussels Sprouts

16. Date Candied Sweet Potatoes

17. Traditional Vegetable Walnut Stuffing

18. Herb Roasted Potatoes

19. Cranberry Sauce

20. Aquafaba Marshmallow Topped Sweet Potato Casserole

21. Dill Mashed Potatoes

22. Broccoli Almondine

23. Cheesy Potato & Broccoli Casserole*

24. Mushroom Gravy*

*not pictured



25. Caramel Apple Cinnamon Rolls

26. Pumpkin Pie with Caramel Walnut Sauce

27. Pumpkin Caramel Slice (from Nature’s Path)

28. Healthy Pumpkin Pie Parfaits with Coconut Whip

29. Oat Crisp Pumpkin Pie*

30. Pie Crust Tutorial*

*not pictured

Happy Cooking!

Are you planning to include one of our recipes on your Thanksgiving table this year? We’re honoured! We’d  to see your vegan Thanksgiving spread so be sure to tag your pics with  on Instagram. Thanks for inviting our recipes into your home, we hope you love them as much as we do!

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