Vegan DriveThru Breakfast Sandwiches

A few months back I shared that I’ve fallen back in love with breakfast. To be more specific, super savoury stick-to-your ribs kinda breakfasts – like breakfast sandwiches.

A few years ago I shared my recipe for a variety of breakfast sandwiches using scrambled tofu. Since then, I only opt for scrambled tofu on my sandwiches if I happen to have leftovers. Otherwise, I am ALL about the tofu patty. Basically, I just double the “scramble” sauce from my Scrambled Tofu Breakfast Bowl (IMO, that recipe is my best rendition of tofu scramble so far) and coat pressed patties of tofu (a 350g block’s worth) instead of using crumbled tofu. Fry up the sauced patties, top ’em with a slice of vegan cheddar (we used Earth Island’s (Follow Your Heart) Cheddar slices), put a lid on the pan to melt the cheese, and you’re ready to assemble!

Since this particular sandwich was one I made AFTER driving past a few McD’s all-day breakfast billboards, I was going for a true drive-thru breakfast experience. With that said, I recommend serving the patties on toasted white English muffins (1 side spread with vegan butter, vegan mayo on the other side) along with some kind of vegan mock meat. We used Yves Veggie Cuisine’s vegan turkey for these ones, but we’ve also used and loved:

  1. Tofurky’s Smoky Maple Bacon and Hickory Smoked Tofurky Slices
  2. Lightlife’s Fakin’ Bacon (aka Smoky Tempeh Strips in Canada)
  3. Yves Veggie Cuisine’s Sauage Patties and Links

Afterwards, wrap ’em up in foil for a minute or 2 (a bit of steam softens the toasted muffin making it like a proper drive-thru sandwich.)

Lettuce (or spinach), tomato, and sprinkle of black pepper are my other go-to toppings. And sliced, ripe avocado is always welcome to join the party if you have one on hand! What are your favourite breakfast sandwich toppings?

There’s no recipe needed for these guys! Use your favourite English muffins (or bagels), jump over to the Scrambled Tofu Breakfast Bowl post for the scramble sauce (double it for 1 350g block of tofu), and the toppings are up to you! Enjoy!

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