Vegan Sweet & Savoury TicTacToe Toast for Envirokidz

Toast doesn’t have to be a boring breakfast staple! Play with your food and make this tic-tac-toe toast! We made these cute sweet and savoury tic-tac-toe toast for Nature’s Path Organic’s Envirokidz.

Make sweet tic-tac-toe toast with natural peanut butter, Envirokidz Koala Crisp Cereal, banana “X’s” and strawberry “O’s”. The savoury version uses hummus, carrot strips for the board, cucumber “O’s” and red bell pepper “X’s”.

Play around with the ingredients and use your favourite fruits, vegetables, and spreads to suit your preferences. We used alphabet cutters to make the “X” and “O” playing pieces. (Except for the strawberries, we sliced them into rounds and used a straw to cut out the centers.)

If you don’t have alphabet cookie cutters, use different coloured fruits and vegetables to differentiate between players!

Get the recipe to make this Vegan Tic-Tac-Toe Toast from the Nature’s Path Organic website!

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