Green Protein Report urges New Zealand to replace animal agriculture with plantbased crops

Green Protein Report urges New Zealand to replace animal agriculture with plant-based crops

The long awaited Green Protein Report was released this month to help meet New Zealand’s climate change targets by 2030 through reduced reliance on animal agriculture. New Zealand researchers are urging the government to end its reliance on animal agriculture. The report spans over 90 pages in length with over 300 references and its goal is to help create a more sustainable country.

The report discusses how arable land is not fully utilised and that what they have been doing using animal agriculture has resulted in mass deforestation, leaching of nitrates into the rivers, and native wildlife have been decimated. The image of New Zealand’s ‘clean and green’ is being lost.

The authors in the report discuss how imperative it is that NZ transition away from animal agriculture now and focus more on plant-based farming. The government needs to support the farmers who sell meat and dairy because due to the excessive consumption of meat and dairy. The vegan Society also stated that many New Zealanders have developed chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks and cancers due to the heavy animal based diets they eat.

The dairy industry makes a great deal of money in New Zealand but the authors in the report state that the industry does not address the “true costs” of animal agriculture.

“New Zealand is proud of its global dominance in the dairy market and its alleged clean, green image. However, the true costs, to animals, the environment, and society are not properly reflected,” the authors wrote.

“We need to invest in a transition towards a sustainable, compassionate and healthy food system” the report states.

The Green Report also outlines the welfare problems that comes with animal agriculture. “It is clear that the substantial ongoing welfare problems remain prevalent within the farming of poultry, pigs, cattle, and sheep in New Zealand. One of the most effective ways to reduce animal suffering is simply to reduce the number of [animals] farmed and killed for human consumption and export.”




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