10 of the best vegan doughnut recipes

Friday, 6 May, 2016

Ali Ryland lists the best recipes ahead of National Doughnut Week this 7-14 May.

It’s National Doughnut Week tomorrow! At least it is over here in the UK, where we spell ‘doughnut’ with the correct number of letters *overbearing sniff*. I’m not sure why we Brits get so uppity about correct spelling when we know that language is an ever-changing structure meant to help, not hinder communication. It’s just ingrained into us. I remember becoming enraged when watching an episode of Lost to see Desmond in (supposedly London) reading a piece of Army propaganda that read something like ‘Respect. Honor.’ No ‘u’?! On British state-produced military posters? Definitely the most improbable thing to happen all series – sorry – ‘season’. 

Back to doughnuts. I have a question, friends across various ponds and on the continent: can you buy vegan-friendly doughnuts in national stores? Here in the UK, we have The Co-operative’s jam and custard (yes, custard!) doughnut delights to keep our bellies plump in basically any town. You can comment below with your various experiences of doughnuts wherever you are in the world.

But without further ado, here’s a list of my favourite doughnut recipes that all our lovely international readers can enjoy making too.

1) Baked vegan pumpkin spice doughnuts with chocolate cinnamon icing 

I love recipes from Veganosity. They’re always so simple to make compared to ones with huge ingredient lists full of items I can’t afford. This one utilises the amazing power of the pumpkin, but you could always leave that out.

Get the recipe here.

2) Baked vegan maple doughnuts

First pumpkins, now maple… the US and Canada sure do know how to make sweet things taste sweeter.

Get the recipe here.

 3) Deep fried Oreo doughnuts 

YES, YES, YES! The easiest way (and thus the fastest way to get these into your mouth asap) is to adapt the recipe Kraft suggests by substituting the two eggs for 6 tbsp of aquafaba (aka bean juice found in your can of chickpeas).

Image taken from , who provide an . 

4) Baked fluffernutter doughnuts

This is more one for the budding chefs among you: you’ll need a few fancy ingredients like xanthum gum (though I’ve seen that in the free from area in supermarkets) and be relatively confident at reducing aquafaba to the right consistency. You can, however, sub coconut oil and sugar for normal oil and sugar, and you’ll still get an amazing marshmallowy peanut butter mix.

Get the recipe here. 

5) Easy baked mini doughnuts with vanilla icing

For those of you without doughnut pans or makers, Lucy uses muffin tins with bits of foil to create holes. This recipe also calls for aquafaba, the cheap alternative to egg replacer. 

Get the recipe here. 

6) Simple fried jam doughnuts 

Lucy also has a super simple recipe for making jam doughnuts. Imagine them warm and dripping from the frying pan… 

Get the recipe here. 

7) Coffee and doughnut macarons

Now for something completely different (and not so simple!): coffee and doughnut macarons! A bit of a stretch to call them doughnuts, but what’s life without a bit of variety?

Get the recipe here. 

8) Baked Earl grey doughnuts

How very British. 

Get the recipe here. 

9) Fried Korean churros

Twisty doughnuts are fun to make too.

Get the recipe here. 

10)  Baked savoury herb doughnuts 

Not usually my thing, but I do love a good vegan cream cheese – Sheese’s garlic and herb variety being my favourite. 

Get the recipe here.

By Ali Ryland

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