Tofurky are offering vegans more choice on the go

Friday, 29 September, 2017

Vegan Trademark registered brand, Tofurky, are set to release a brand new range of grab and go sandwiches in the UK.were lucky enough to try them ahead of release. We offer our thoughts on the new range and what this means for vegans looking for food on the go.

In a mouth-watering landmark development for the UK’s meat-free market, Tofurky, a pioneering manufacturer of plant-based proteins worldwide, is entering the £11.8 billion retail grab-and-go sandwich market with a new range of vegan sandwiches containing plant-based proteins. 

While some grab-and-go establishments carry vegan offerings, most are devoid of protein. Tofurky’s sandwiches are filled with tasty and satiating meat alternatives, which put a protein-packed, plant-based twist on some of Britain’s favourite combos: TLT (Tempeh, Lettuce and Tomato), Chipotle Chick’n, Ham-style Salad and Chick’n and Sweet Corn.

“We first debuted our vegan grab-and-go sandwiches at a trade show about a year ago and were overwhelmed by the positive response both in person and through our social channels,” said Seth Tibbott, founder and chairman, Tofurky. At Tofurky, we strive to make plant-based eating affordable and accessible to all while maintaining a high standard of quality for our ingredients and finished products.”  

The sandwiches will hit the high street at Whole Foods Markets in London on October 2, followed by expansion into other UK retailers in the coming months.

They were certainly a hit with the wide range of vegans at . We held a tasting session with the team which had an overwhelmingly positive response.

The general concensus was that the sandwiches were satisfyingly flavourful and satiating, whilst still being fresh and not too heavy or stodgy. Although the flavours are representative of traditional, meat-based sandwiches, they didn’t have the taste of imitation meats. It was evident that a lot of care and consideration has gone into the development of this range. 

Vegan on the Go

Most of all, we were really excited to see vegan options represented in grab and go type foods. One common barrier to people going into veganism is lack of accessibility and convenience. Most people buy ready-made food to eat on-the-go. On-the-go food retailers such as supermarkets and cafes often lack vegan options, which makes veganism less accessible.

We want to make veganism more accessible for people who have busy lives and are sometimes reliant on convenience foods. We want to firmly establish veganism as part of mainstream culture, show consumers that vegan food is available, and that it is appealing and affordable.

We want to make veganism easier for people to commit to and maintain – and we want to make people excited about the new world of food which veganism opens them up to. Keep a look out for our new campaign, Vegan on the Go, set to launch in November. 

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