Detox your armpits with Pacifica’s new vegan scrub

Detox your armpits with Pacifica’s new vegan scrub

Yep. You read that right. Detoxing your armpits is a thing now, and fully vegan beauty brand Pacifica has you covered for all your pit-cleansing needs (that you may or may not have known you had).

The new charcoal, coconut and green tea-laden product, which is designed to help unclog your pores and aid in the transition to natural deodorant, is made in the US and comes in a container made entirely from recycled plastic. Now you can dissuade your plastic-related guilt and get ready for that hot, fresh date in no time.

“I absolutely LOVE this scrub! My pits feel so soft and smell so fresh,” one customer wrote on the company website.

“Thank you Pacifica for yet another fabulous product!”

And, if you happen to be a nervous sweater, Pacifica also offers deodorant wipes fit for on-the-go use, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ll arrive at your date sweet-smelling and smooth in the pits — one of human kind’s best-known erogenous zones. Right?

Either way, you can grab this and other vegan-friendly toiletries and cosmetics on the Pacifica website, and those who prefer a zero-waste route to deodorizing can find a vegan-friendly recipe from Trash is for Tossers here.

Image source: Pacifica/Instagram

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