New Look takes a huge step into vegan fashion with ’s Vegan Trademark

Thursday, 1 August, 2019

British high-street giant New Look is lacing up to take the vegan fashion world by storm, announcing their ongoing relationship with .

Today New Look have launched a wide range of shoes, bags and accessories, making them the first high-street fashion retailer to register ranges with ’s Vegan Trademark.

The products will be available to purchase online with immediate effect, and New Look are rolling out brand new vegan labeling online and in stores from September. You will be able to find everything from shoes to boots, bags and purses clearly labelled and tagged with the Vegan Trademark. Online you can see vegan products highlighted and proudly showcased. Simply look for the Vegan Trademark next time you’re shopping.

And the best news? It doesn’t stop there. New Look have committed to registering as many of their non-leather goods as possible, changing components and reducing their reliance on animal-derived ingredients. It’s a hugely positive step for New Look and sets a precedent within the wider fashion industry. At a time when customers are increasingly aware of how their clothes are made and what goes into them, it’s possible to achieve transparency in the supply chain and source alternatives to animal-derived ingredients, while keeping them affordable. 

What makes New Look’s range vegan?

’s expert team have ensured that New Look’s registered products are free of animal derived components, including any that might be found in fabrics, threads, glues, dyes and treatments. They have also taken steps to ensure that the manufacture of the product and its materials are free of animal testing. The products that have been registered will be clearly labelled with the Vegan Trademark, making them easily identifiable. 

Gone are the days of searching for terms like ‘faux leather’ or ‘leather look’, while still having doubts about glues, dyes and treatments. New Look’s commitment to taking their range through ’s thorough registration process allows you to shop with the assurance of our Vegan Trademark. Freeing up time to let you focus on the important things in life, like which style suits you best!

New Look’s growing vegan range

New Look will continue to register many more of their products with our Vegan Trademark, keeping you stylish for many seasons to come.

Shopping in line with your ethics without compromising your style has never been easier or more affordable. Clearer labelling of products with our Vegan Trademark, combined with the activism of the vegan community and an on-going commitment from brands like New Look is collectively driving change in the fashion industry and beyond.

Shop New Look’s stylish vegan shoes, bags and accessories online:

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By Vegan Society Digital Marketing Officer, Nishat Rahman

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