YouTube star WheezyWaiter eats vegan for a month, says it’s “not that hard”

YouTube star WheezyWaiter eats vegan for a month, says it’s “not that hard”

Craig Gene Benzine, of YouTube channel WheezyWaiter, has released a video documenting his experience eating vegan for a month, and the results may surprise you. Not only did he manage to dodge death by malnutrition, he also says eating vegan is “not that hard”. Imagine that.

The video, shared to more than 800,000 subscribers, touches on a number of topics central to veganism and plant-based eating. Turns out, if we’re going by Benzine and his contributors’ claims, eating vegan can actually be good for individuals, animals and the environment — who knew?

Benzine’s video leans on professional clout, as opposed to drawing only from the experience of, as his wife describes him, an “average slob”. He interviewed a number of experts in the areas of sustainability and nutrition.

One of Benzine’s chosen experts, dietician Adrien Paczosa, addressed one of the questions most commonly posed to plant-based eaters — where do you get your protein?

“You can actually get a good amount of protein from fruits and vegetables, and plant sources,” she said.

Seems simple enough.

Benzine also spoke with PhD biologist Dr Hoe Hanson, who explained that, when it comes to the environment, “animal agriculture has an enormous impact”, adding that a switch to plant-based eating could result in a significant reduction of diet-related emissions.

While Benzine did not stay fully plant-based after his experiment, he says he’s now choosing more plant-based foods, and that eating vegan is not only “not that hard”, but left him feeling pretty much the same as he does on an animal-based diet.

Video source: WheezyWaiter/YouTube

Image source: Instagram

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