Chipotle launches Vegan Bowl as part of Lifestyle menu

Chipotle launches Vegan Bowl as part of Lifestyle menu

North American fast-food giant Chipotle has launched a Vegan Bowl as part of its new collection of Lifestyle Bowls.

A description of the dish on the company website reads: “Our Vegan Bowl isn’t just filled with plant-powered protein, it’s filled with braised, non-GMO, organic goodness.”

The bowl is loaded with plant-based sofritas and, like most of Chipotle’s offerings, is totally customizable, so go ahead and load on the guac. Avocados are getting pricey these days.

“That’s great,” you might say. “But chipotle has had vegan options for years.”

True, but did they say “vegan” on them?

Regardless, the plant-based bowl takes the guess work out of vegan dining. No more will you have to pull out your phone or ask questions while someone mouth breathes over your shoulder in a Chipotle lineup. Just order the Vegan Bowl and you’re all set.

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