British Pie Awards bashed as vegan dish reigns supreme

British Pie Awards bashed as vegan dish reigns supreme

The British Pie Awards has been met with criticism from pro-chef Richard Corrigan after a vegan pie won the contest this week.

The Michelin-starred chef toldit was a “disgrace” that Jon Thorner’s plant-based pie bested more than 800 other recipes to win Supreme Champion, and offered up a description of his ideal dish.

“Pies are supposed to be filled with the most delicious morsels of steak and liver and kidney, with the jelly and little pieces of fat in the middle delicately dripping onto your tongue,” he said.

Dripping fat and bits of organs? That should be sure to get you going — or not.

Anyway, the offending dish, which was reportedly created with the intent to make Britain’s iconic savory pies accessible to all, was loaded with sweet potato, butternut squash and spinach.

Thorner, who makes options for meat eaters and vegetarians as well, says he and his team are “thrilled” to have won the award and that the win was “completely unexpected”.

Surely he and Corrigan would see eye-to-eye on that last bit, anyway.

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