Nine vegan strongmen that’ll make you give plants a shot

Nine vegan strongmen that’ll make you give plants a shot

There are vegans who live on the sofa eating Oreos and Beyond Burgers, and those who train like they’ve got something to prove. Not all vegans are fit. Not all have the build of a wacky-waving-inflatable-arm-flailing tube man.

While plant-based eaters come in all shapes and sizes, there are countless vegan athletes out there who’re picking things up and putting them down again like it’s nobody’s business.

What follows are nine super strong dudes showing the world what plants have to offer.

Brian Turner may be the world’s most cheerful weightlifter, which isn’t totally surprising. By the looks of him, it’s probably fair to say that endorphins are at play.

This former competitive body builder earned himself a YouTube following of over 300,000 and cured his acne on a plant-based diet.

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Now, if anyone’s going to rival Turner in terms of sheer joyfulness, it’s Canadian YouTuber Derek Simnett.

Another smiley, notably jacked plant-based strength trainer, Derek has undergone a massive transformation on a vegan diet.

He’s also a certified Nutritional Practitioner, so go ahead and ask him where he gets his protein.

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Torre Washington has been vegan since 1998.

Fueled in part by the desire to show what vegans can do, Washington is an accomplished bodybuilder, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)-certified coach and self-proclaimed animal lover.

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Having taken an interest in weightlifting from a very young age, vegan athlete Patrik Baboumian is now among the world’s most elite strength-training athletes. By no means weak or malnourished, this pro weightlifter currently holds multiple world records and the title of Germany’s strongest man.

A vegan through compassion, Baboumian says he’s always had a desire to protect not only himself, but others.

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Former professional boxer David Haye switched to a vegan diet after having reconstructive surgery on his “shredded” left shoulder, and now says he’s stronger than ever before.

This two-time world champion may be retired from boxing, but he remains a passionate plant-based advocate.

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Kendrick Farris is an Olympic weightlifter, which is kind of a big deal. He also eats plants, which is exactly as big a deal as you make it.

What may be most remarkable about Farris’s lifestyle, however, is that he doesn’t count calories or the grams of protein he consumes in a day. In fact, he says he just eats to “feel good”. What a revolutionary idea. Apparently, it’s working for him.

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Professional bodybuilder Nimai Delgado is a hard-to-miss icon in the vegan-fitness sphere.

This lifelong vegetarian turned vegan was featured on the cover of , and appeared in James Cameron’s vegan documentary .

Now he’s an established lifestyle coach, motivational speaker and podcast host who works to spread the plant-based message on social media.

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“Hench Herbivore” Paul Kerton is a personal trainer, nutrition advisor and long time strength-training enthusiast.

Kerton turned just six years ago. While for him, chicken breasts and gallons of milk have gone out the window, it appears the gains are here to stay.

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YouTube sensation and body builder Jon Venus has become somewhat of a poster boy for plant-based eating. This may in part be to do with the fact that he’s being called “the world’s hottest vegan” all over the Internet.

One way or another, Venus has worked hard for his physique and is well known for his consistent training and super-clean vegan diet.

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