Five mindblowing vegan restaurants In Ubud, Bali

Five mind-blowing vegan restaurants In Ubud, Bali

Ubud, a small town situated on the island of Bali, is not only home to extraordinary artisans, world-famous yoga studios, incredible weather and the island’s rich and unique culture, it’s also a veritable vegan paradise.

The food scene for plant-based eaters here is out of this world – whether you’re looking for the comfort of a locally inspired nasi campur or a gourmet raw meal. Praying and loving aside, Ubud is a town well worth visiting for anyone looking to eat, eat, eat their way through Indonesia.

Some of the city’s best spots follow.

Sayuri Healing Food

Sayuri Healing Food is a mostly raw, totally delicious, open-air restaurant sure to make any Ubud visitor think twice about ever leaving. Not to mention the fact that the people who work there are so nice, you’re left wondering why they’d give a garbage monster such as yourself the time of day in the first place. Thishappen to everyone, right?

Anyway, the restaurant is an easy win, frequented by meat eaters and vegans alike. It doesn’t matter if you’re tucking into a chocolate smoothie breakfast bowl, a coconut latte, a raw lasagne, or a very-much-cooked and even-more-amazing plant-based Rueben, you’re sure to enjoy your experience at Sayuri Healing Food.

Earth Café Ubud

Earth Café Ubud is the perfect spot to dine not only with fellow vegans and acro-yoga partners, but your bacon-loving brother and flexitarian friend. With menu items like Seitan Schnitzel, Hola Mexican Tacos, Pepper Portobello Pizza and even a Vegan Hot Dog, Earth Café keeps its cuisine approachable to those taking a pass on spirulina shots and steamed quinoa bowls.

Açai Queen

Prep your self-love posts and order some trendy yoga gear because your Instagram following is about to grow. Ubud’s Açai Queen is everything every food-loving influencer could ever dream of. Not only is the venue totally Instagrammable, with its swings for seats and bright pink and purple motif, but this place will provide the food pic that’ll make you the envy of all your Internet friends.

The name of the game here isaçai bowls. But not just any açai bowls. These frozen treats come piled high with house-made brownies, nut butter and cookies, and mountains of fresh fruit, all served up in a hand-carved pineapple bowl that’ll get you that once-in-a-lifetime Instapic.

Seeds of Life

While you may be within ear-shot of tourists talking about aligning their chakras and their latest juice cleanse, Seeds of Life’s cozy atmosphere and gourmet raw cuisine is hard to beat, even if the raw food community isn’t usually your scene. With food inspired by international cuisines, SOL, as it is sometimes called, has a menu you’ll be tempted to work your way through.

Among the restaurant’s most remarkable dishes are its Korean-inspired SOL Bowl, raw pancakes piled high with cashew ice cream and topped with chocolate sauce, and the Morocco to Levantine Plate, which comes with hummus, raw bread, olives, capers, tabbouleh and more. And, if you get bored, the 22-page drink menu serves as great entertainment.


The last spot on this list, Kokolato, is not actually a restaurant but an ice-cream shop. We’re all adults here, though. If you want to have ice cream for breakfast, you best believe you can, especially on a tropical summer’s day.

While you’re sure to fork out a London/Vancouver/Sydney/New York sum of cash for just a few scoops, Kokolato’s quality ingredients, interesting flavors and amazing waffle cones make it well worth the money. As an added benefit, one of the town’s two locations is at the end of Campuhan Ridge, a famous hiking spot in the city. So, if you’re looking to cool down after a sweaty trek, that’s the place to go.

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