Five ways the London vegan scene is totally over the top

Five ways the London vegan scene is totally over the top

London may very well be the epicentre of veganism. As a vegan living in or visiting the city, the list of plant-based attractions, venues and events seems virtually endless.

Sure, England’s capital is home to a laundry list of amazing vegan restaurants. That goes without saying. Whether your poison is pizza or kebab or pasta or curry or ice cream, London’s got something for you.

But that’s not all — when it comes to veganism, this British metropolis is decidedly extra in just about every way. Here are some of the best vegan events the Big Smoke has to offer.

Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine’s fully plant-based parties are health focused, joy infused extravaganzas.

Occurring regularly throughout the year, these sober raves offer live music and a wide selection of vegan drinks and delicacies, all served up in a super welcoming, positive environment.

Originally a morning affair, the brand now also offers evening events, all of which will spare you the nasty hangover that comes with a traditional big city night out.

The Official Animal Rights March

An annual event, The Official Animal Rights March staged by SURGE activism, is not one attendees will likely forget.

The perfect cure for dreaded activist burnout, OARM offers attendees the opportunity to gather, united for a cause, and draw strength from numbers.

With the 2018 march seeing a jaw-dropping 10,000 activists taking to the streets of central London, the event is expected to be even bigger in 2019.

Vegan Nights London

A monthly affair, Vegan Nights London is somewhat of a condensed festival — mostly focused around food and drink.

Vendors and vegans come together for a night of eating, socializing and entertainment, where nobody needs to hop on Barnivore or ask if there’s egg in their burger.

At Vegan Nights London, you can rest easy knowing the entire event is fully plant-based.


The brainchild of dedicated organizers Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel, Vevolution offers not only a not-to-be-missed November vegan event, but a series of smaller events throughout the year.

A meeting of the minds of some of the greatest influencers in the vegan movement, festival goers can attend talks on a wide array of important and interesting vegan topics.

In addition to its trademark panels and talks, Vevolution offers plant-based cuisine, workshops, goodie bags and much more, although the biggest takeaways tend to be intangible.

Soho Vegan Market

London’s popular Soho Vegan Market offers a number of plant-based food stalls, nestled into the streets of one of the city’s trendiest neighbourhoods.

While there are plenty of amazing dining options there, if it just so happens that there are also heaps of vegan options a stone’s throw away, including the excellent vegan soft serve dished up at nearby Yorica!

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