Vegan star Pamela Anderson joins fight to free captive whales

Vegan star Pamela Anderson joins fight to free captive whales

Animal activist, actor and model Pamela Anderson has joined the push to free captive whales in Russia.

In a letter published online today, Anderson makes a case for the whales immediate release into the hands of “independent specialists”.

“The critical situation with the whale jail in the Russian Far East, where orcas and belugas are suffering, is extraordinarily painful to see,” she wrote.

“But at the same time, this can be a starting point for recovery.”

Anderson is not the first superstar to loan her clout to the cause. Actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio has also created quite a stir over the imprisoned animals. 

While authorities have stated that they’re working on releasing the orcas and belugas in question, change is slow coming, which authorities say is partly due to concerns over the safety of their release.

It’s a shame Anderson can’t just slap on that iconic red swimsuit and go to their aid herself — but the woman’s an activist, not a whale whisperer, so we’ll have to keep our expectations reasonable.

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