26 Easy Vegan Soup Recipes That Are Seriously Rich And Delicious

As far as I’m concerned, every season is soup season. But whether it’s the early fall or the dead of winter, the same-old recipes get boring fast. And while you might think super-fun soups require loads of cream and chunky beef, there are plenty of vegan soup recipes that get the job done without any of that.

Yep, there’s so much more to soup than beef barley or chicken noodle. Between the hearty root vegetables, perfectly-cooked grains, and umami-rich tomato or mushroom broths, veggie-based soups are where. it’s. at.

The options are pretty much endless: You can puree butternut squash or sweet potato with coconut milk for something thick and creamy or serve up a greens-studded mushroom broth with herbs and plant-based protein. You can pack your soup with hearty whole grains or legumes, or stick to just veggies.

As long as your kitchen is stocked with herbs, spices, and other seasonings, your soup will never fall short on flavor.

BTW, experts rank the flexitarian diet–eating mostly plant foods without making animal foods off-limits–as one of the healthiest and most sustainable eating patterns out there. So slurping down more plant-based soups will do both your body and the planet good.

Whether you’re a carnivore looking to plantify your plate (er, bowl) or a seasoned vegan in search of something new, whip up one of these vegan soup recipes and get ready to feel oh-so satisfied.

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