A Vegan Diet And Walking For Weight Loss Helped Me Lose 65 Lbs.

I’m Sky Landish (@skylandish), and I’m 30 years old. I live in New York, where I work as a fitness model, and I have been living a vegan lifestyle for the past four years. I started off walking to lose weight and practicing portion control. It took me seven years to get to where I am now with my health, but I’ve never felt better.

I always wanted to lose some weight. But I see-sawed for the first four or five years of my weight loss journey. Thankfully, a bad breakup changed that cycle for me. I was dating a personal trainer who told me something along the lines of that I could be a “perfect 10,” but I’d always only be a seven because I was lazy when it came to working out.

Well, we broke up not long after, partly because of that comment (and he cheated–go figure!). But that comment honestly motivated me to make some changes in a revenge body kind of way. But in three months, I lost 25 pounds–and my original motivation to make my ex regret his cheating disappeared. It was no longer about him anymore. My self-worth increased 10-fold–and I just kept going for *me.*

#FBF but the right side is today (a reminder in case anyone forgot how hard I worked and work daily). My health journey took me years, I have stretch marks & looser skin areas, but I realized I can legit change a lot of things naturally – with time + dedication. My breast went down naturally (low carb, low fat diet), my stomach went down naturally, my face went down and cleared up & so much more. To go from baconaters to veganism is literally one of my life achievements LOL. I just want to remind you that Everything doesn’t have to be a doctors visit, you CAN. Please understand The inside is the to the outside #Ihopethishelps

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The first change I made that helped me see results was practicing portion control.

I learned how much I needed to eat for fuel, instead of just overeating emotionally. I also kept a food diary with the MyFitnessPal appon my phone, which helped me learn about the calories in certain foods and held me accountable daily.

I also cut out soda and juices from my diet, unless they were cold-pressed, and I only had one glass of wine a week. I really tried to limit myself to three healthy beverages: lemon water, coffee, or tea.

LNP: Appreciate YOU! – Not many ppl understand what it means to mentally go from a “big girl” to a “small girl” & then finally to just be a HAPPY & HEALTHY GIRL! had to accept that my perception of what I should look like and what made me happy was two different things! #myhappyplace

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I also got really good at making nutritious food swaps or tweaks. For example, instead of eggs I would do egg whites, swap fries for a side salad, and whole milk for plant-based milk. Heathy swaps were probably the biggest key to changing my lifestyle in subtle yet effective ways. It saved me pointless calories. And now that I’m vegan, I feel like swaps are just a way of life.

10 years later, I’m just a healthier, natural, vegan, bad bishhh and dassitttt – This is one of few pictures I really have from that time, it wasn’t the camera phone era, sorry y’all [?] #motivationmonday because you don’t have to get healthy overnight. Slow & Steady is still a MF winner thanks to @stripnfitness [?]

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Here’s what I typically eat in a day.

  • Breakfast:Vegan peanut butter and banana protein smoothie or tofu and a quarter of an avocado.
  • Lunch: Any type of dairy-free salad, or a wrap and a green juice.
  • Dinner: I love soups, slow-steamed veggies with beans and tofu, or chili. I typically make a big portion of something in my crockpot and store it to have for dinner during the week.
  • Snacks: I love hummus with cucumbers, carrots, and celery as a savory snack; or a piece of dark chocolate as a semi-sweet snack. Another go-to is peanut butter with apple.

I first started exercising by walking a fast-paced mile daily.

That plus a 20-minute bodyweight workout was about all I could handle. I had to keep things simple.

Now, my workouts are at least an hour and typically 30 minutes of fast-pace cardio, followed by a 45-minute workout with weights. I went from not being able to complete a 13-minute mile run to running a mile in 8:30. And I used the Nike Run Club app to keep track of my progress.

Happiness Is: Being able to go to the track again Yes I have Stretch marks on my breasts from weight-loss (Am I the only one ?) Yes they sag a little (or a lot) #sponsor but I keep them secure when working out in my @shefit sports bra! Okay, time to get my strength back. #shefit

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I became super consistent with my workouts–and taking photos also motivated me. Being able to revisit my progress gave me that extra push of motivation when I needed it.

THIS was the only way I wanted to spend the last week of my 20’s, My Birthday Week! In the country I love around the people who make me feel at home – I did like 105 pushups with everyone rooting me on

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It took me seven years to drop 65 pounds and keep it off, but I’m so proud of my journey.

Tell me one thing you’ve learned during quarantine – I learned being in a sun spot for 20 minutes improves my daily mood by 100% (TRY IT) and Shorter workouts DO NOT make me lazy if I do them daily Outfit: @centric

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I have a much more controlled, healthy relationship with food. To see myself go from having low self-worth to now being in fitness campaigns with genuine confidence–it’s like night and day.

I hope that my story inspires others trying to lose weight and also reveals how not every journey happens with months or even a year. It takes time to change or break bad habits. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. I’ll never regret investing in myself.

5th Workout of my Week! Sometimes I don’t even want to get out of the car when I drive to the gym. So, I sit out front for 30 mins trying to find my motivation. Anyone Do this? — I ALWAYS find it though & recently My motivation has been the women In my 4 week program. Your motivation will change, it HAS to as your life does [?] #SundaySermon #SweatSunday #fitspo #motivation #gym

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