Lizzo Goes Vegan, Shares Plant-Based Hacks In TikTok Videos

  • Lizzo just revealed she switched to a vegan diet in a series of TikTok videos.
  • The award-winning singer and rapper shared everything she eats in a typical day on her new plant-based plan.
  • Lizzo shared her recommendation for plant-based alternative to her beloved hot cheetos.

Lizzo is a singer, rapper, songwriter, flutist, and body positivity advocate. This last week she added vegan to that long list, and she’s just as outspoken about her plant-based creations as calling out the fat-shamers.

The Grammy and BET award winner posted a series of TikTok videos all about her new vegan eating plan. Lizzo captioned one recent video: “As a new vegan, I’m enjoying exploring flavors from plants & plant-based proteins! Every journey is personal & deserves to be celebrated.”

The “Truth Hurts” singer’s “pretty average” day of eating starts with a green smoothie filled with coconut water, kale or spinach (whatever she has on hand), and some frozen fruit. For lunch, Lizzo loves a colorful salad piled high with kale, red cabbage, broccoli, avocado, white onions, and carrots.

When it’s snack time, she discovered Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs as a Cheeto-alternative. “I used to eat a lot of hot Cheetos, but that wasn’t good for my acid-reflux,” said the body-positivity advocate. “These are Cheeto-alternative I love that’s vegan and I dip them in hummus. Badda-boom badda-snack!”


as a new vegan im enjoying exploring flavors from plants & plant based proteins! Every journey is personal & deserves to be celebrated

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For dinner, the “Good As Hell” songstress makes meat-alternative balls with truffle, chickpeas, and mushrooms plus quinoa and leftover colorful salad. Last but not least, Lizzo’s day ends much like it started, with a peanut butter jelly smoothie. She blended together peanut butter, frozen strawberries, oats, oat milk, vanilla protein powder, and “love from Jesus.”

Lizzo added, “I feel very lit and full.” Worth noting: she served her dessert smoothie with a side of racial justice advocacy. She wrote, “We still need justice for Breonna Taylor,” alongside texting instructions.

While Lizzo may be a newbie at plant-based eating, she’s making it look easy. “Being plant-based and vegan has been pretty easy except when I am hungover,” Lizzo explains in another video. That’s when her cheesy eggs craving strikes, but she has a simple solution. Lizzo shows how she whips up an omelette with Just Egg and vegan carne asada leftovers.


Might do a what I eat in a day vid because I feel like us fat queens need to represent

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Throughout her videos, Lizzo serves up hot tips for spicing up plant-based picks. For example, she cooks her vegan bacon in maple syrup. “It gets nice and crunchy and candied,” she explains in the voiceover. “Ugly but delicious scramble.”

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