20 Best Vegan Cookie Recipes That Are Easy To Make And Delicious

When I think cookies, one thing immediately comes to mind: BUTTER.

For vegans, though, cookies (and all desserts, for that matter) can be tricky. “Finding vegan desserts is tricky because butter, milk, and eggs are ubiquitous in baked goods–specifically, their structure and texture,” says nutritionist Maggie Michcalczyk, RD.

Pulling butter out of your recipes doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck with a mediocre vegan cookie that lacks all the moist texture and rich flavor you love about a classic chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin.

Thanks to the ever-growing popularity of plant-based eating, vegan cookies are easier to nail than ever.

“Vegan baking has become more popular lately because of concerns about dairy and/or the kind of dairy we consume,” says Michalczyk. Even without dairy on the table, though, dairy-free eaters and vegans still deserve to enjoy gooey, chewy cookies.

Whether you swap your butter for packaged vegan butter substitutes (often made from coconut oil), pure coconut oil, flax eggs, or other plant-based ingredients, you’ve got plenty of options.

Want to skip the kitchen chemistry experiments? These vegan cookie recipes cover literally every craving you could possibly have. You won’t miss the butter one bit.

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