Alicia Silverstone shares vegan takeout options on Instagram

Alicia Silverstone shares vegan takeout options on Instagram

Vegan actor Alicia Silverstone has taken to Instagram to promote a number of plant-based takeout options in her area.

Amid what she’s calling a vacation “hangover” — because no one comes back from vacation well-rested — the star shared a number of easy dining options to her Instagram story.

In the clips are dishes such as lasagna, balsamic mushrooms and salads from a popular all-vegan restaurant called Crossroads, alongside a pizza from Cruzer Pizza. Both establishments are based in LA. You know, where celebrities live.

It appears even a super-healthy Silverstone, who once said she tucks into blanched greens and whole grains for breakfast, can’t resist a solid bit of takeout from time to time.

Realistically, though, how does one say no to pizza? No, really — if you’ve figured this one out, we could sure use some help in this area.

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