Vegan actor Harley Quinn Smith says humans are to blame for photoop jaguar attack

Vegan actor Harley Quinn Smith says humans are to blame for photo-op jaguar attack

Actor and musician Harley Quinn Smith took to Instagram on Tuesday to argue that it is people who are to blame for last Saturday’s jaguar attack on a woman taking a selfie at a zoo.

The incident reportedly occurred when a woman seeking a photo-op climbed over a barrier at Arizona’s Wildlife World Zoo, only to have her arm torn open by a captive jaguar reaching through a fence.

While NBC Reporter Morgan Chesky says that the lesson here is “that snapping a selfie is not worth sacrificing safety”, Smith sees another take-home from the event.

“This wouldn’t have happened if animals weren’t kept captive in zoos,” she said, in her Instagram story.

Seems simple enough.

“The animals are rightfully upset because they don’t want to [expletive] be in a zoo. They don’t wanna be stared at all day by people who pay money and get to watch them be kept in enclosures that are far too small for them.

“They’re meant to be in the wild living out their lives in peace.”

She then made a case for a full-on boycott of the popular attractions.

“Zoos [expletive] suck, and you should not support zoos ever, at all.”

And once more with feeling.

Image source: Instagram

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