Ten vegan beers you can find (basically) anywhere

Ten vegan beers you can find (basically) anywhere

It can be a bit overwhelming when you first realize that a lot of beer isn’t vegan. But before you freak out, don’t worry, it’s not as rough as it sounds. While most craft breweries offer some, or many, vegan options, you don’tbuy thick-rimmed glasses and start hanging out with hipsters to grab a vegan pint.

A number of the world’s best-known beer brands also happen to be vegan. Keeping these brands in mind could be massively helpful at your next family barbecue or work event.

This Dutch pale lager is not only for sale virtually everywhere in the world, it’s also totally vegan.

No animals ingredients in this green bottle.

Ultra popular Stella Artois is also, you guessed it, totally vegan.

It has none of the dairy, honey, gelatine, sea shells, egg whites or other surprising ingredients found in many beers.

Popular Irish brand Guinness made the leap to ditch fish bladders in its production process and go fully vegan just last year.

Surely a bladder-free beer should be something even non-vegans can get excited about.

Mexican pale lager Corona is also a go for vegans.

So grab your limes and your beach blanket, and get into an easy-drinking bottle with your mates next summer, worry-free. Scenery not included.

Budweiser also happens to be fully vegan, so tuck into a $10 pitcher at the sports bar with the boys and try to keep things between the ditches.

Seriously. It’s Tuesday, Josh. Maybe call it quits after just the one.

While the name of this beer is low-hanging fruit for any (bad) joke-cracking Anglophone, we won’t go there today.

Hoegaarden beer is fully vegan. Let’s just leave it at that.

All of Blue Moon’s beers are vegan except for the two with honey in the title, and the brand’s new Mango Wheat flavor.

With a wide range of brews, this popular brand offers a bit of the craft experience, internationally.

As satisfying to say as it is to knock back on a hot summer day, Grolsch is also fit for vegan consumption.

With the flip-top cap, it’s an easy choice for the beer-drinker on the go. Your Sunday afternoons are none of my business.

German beer Beck’s is also a go for vegans.

As easy to find as it is to drink, this beer is a great go-to when you’re at at that annual family party that never seems to go as planned.

While Chinese brand Tsingtao may be less widely available for many of our readers, it is among the world’s most popular beers.

If you spend any time in Asia, you can find it just about anywhere — so don’t hesitate to grab a bottle at the 7-Eleven en route to your next full-moon party. But don’t forget to clean up after yourself, Josh. You’re an ambassador for your country.

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