The climate kids are here — and their leader is a vegan

The climate kids are here — and their leader is a vegan

Throngs of conscious youngsters are hitting the streets today in a massive international protest demanding climate action, led by vegan and environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

Social and mainstream media are flooding with reports of what is now estimated to be hundreds of thousands of students and activists joining today’s school strike in the name of our planet.

According to a post from Thunberg, the teen who took the world by storm with her no-nonsense speech at the UN Climate Change Conference in December, the protest will have hit at least 123 countries, and all seven continents before the day is through.

Voices from Italy, Finland, Ireland, Japan, Kenya and beyond are reaching out to Thunberg via Twitter, sharing photos and video of the jaw-dropping crowds of youth that have now joined her cause. has also shared a collection of protest photos from today’s events around the world.

You can catch the speech that grabbed the world’s attention, and helped to inspire Thunberg’s army of supporters here. Oh, and if you manage to make it through without crying, we’d love to know your secrets — because this is getting embarrassing. Some of us have work to do.

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