Five showstopping vegan cheeses that don’t taste like PlayDoh

Five show-stopping vegan cheeses that don’t taste like Play-Doh

We can try to slip it under the rug all we want, and frankly that might be what we should do with some products, but not all vegan cheese is tasty. Period.

Sorry, folks — but to say that it is would be misleading to the vegan-curious.However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t amazing, dairy-free cheese alternatives out there.

Before you go out and blow your hard-earned money on a less-than-stellar product, you need the lowdown on the dairy-free cream of the crop, so prepare to be enlightened.

While garlic should be reason enough to buy this product, the entire package is pretty exemplary.

It’s creamy, as most of the best vegan cheeses are, and perfect to spread on your morning bagel — just in time for that important business meeting.

Follow it up with a coffee and you’ll have breath your boss won’t soon forget. They say smell is the strongest sense tied to memory, after all.

UK chain Sainsbury’s reasonably priced blue cheese alternative is so worth trying. In fact, all of the cheese in this range is.

Not nearly as skunky as the blue cheese from your dairy-eating days, this product still has the sharpness and tang that makes it pair perfectly with wine and crackers.

Yes. You’ve tried a vegan block cheese already and it tasted like glue, but don’t give up. At £2.25 a package, it’s surely worth a shot, isn’t it?

Violife is a massively popular cheese brand, and is a good go-to for that classic mozzarella-ish slice.

Perfect on a crispy grilled cheese sandwich, this simple slice will have you cruising down memory lane in no time.

As an added bonus, it’s got that stretch we all know and love, so you can get that pull-apart food porn that, frankly, is an essential part of the grilled-cheese experience. Whether ketchup gets involved, on the other hand, is a highly personal issue.

A wonderful replacement for that Kraft parmesan many of us once ate, Go Veggie Parmesan is the perfect vegan cheese in a shaker bottle.

With the crumbly texture nailed, it’s great sprinkled over your favorite salad or pasta dish. Or directly into your mouth. Nobody’s looking.

Chao’s products are all pretty popular, but the brand’s Tomato Cayenne Slices offer something different from many of the other vegan cheeses on the market.

This subtly spicy slice goes beautifully on sandwiches and burgers and melts to a burger-friendly consistency.

Pile it on a Beyond Burger with jalapenos, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and grilled pineapple (if you’re into that sort of thing), and you’re in business.

All of this said, vegan cheese is totally a matter of personal taste and can be a highly divisive topic, even among plant-based eaters.

Just don’t write them all off because you didn’t like one of them. Just like after a bad relationship, your new suitor shouldn’t have to pay for your ex’s mistakes.

There’s still hope. There’s something out there for everyone. You too can find love in a dairy-free package.

Finding love with an actual human person, on the other hand, is a whole other barrel of monkeys. Best of luck with that, honestly.

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