Eight ultrafit vegan women ready to represent

Eight ultra-fit vegan women ready to represent

Vegan women might have the cards stacked against them in terms of people thinking they’re total pansies — but not for long.

Here are 10 remarkable vegan women breaking the stereotype.

Fiona Oakes may just be the world’s most badass badass — forget the fact that she’s vegan and over the age of 40.

This woman not only runs a sanctuary where she cares for hundreds of animals, she’s also completed an ultra marathon on every continent, including one in the Antarctic and another in the Sahara Desert, all after having lost one of her kneecaps when she was a teenager.

Before you go saying figure skaters aren’t tough, take one look at what Olympian Meagan Duhamel does on the ice.

When you compound her incredible feats of strength, agility and coordination, with the fact that she’s doing it with the constant threat of taking a skate to the face, there’s simply no denying it — this woman is tough as nails.

Is it possible that all of Jehina Malik’s five-foot-one frame is pure, unencumbered muscle?

A lifelong vegan, Malik has been a competitive bodybuilder since she was a teenager, years spent not eating at Wendy’s or getting detention, but at the gym training!

So Steph Davis climbs mountains for a living, as one of the world’s best pro-climbers, which is pretty incredible in and of itself.

However, she also happens to be the only woman to have completed a 5.11 grade route without safety equipment, which basically means she has nervesmuscles of steel.

Certified personal trainer Bianca Taylor has undergone an extraordinary transformation since going vegan, and has grown a massive online following in the process.

This is a woman using her platform to show what one can do on a vegan diet, and should she forget to tell you she’s vegan, she’s got the tattoo to prove it.

Vegetarian turned vegan Tia Blanco ranks among the top 50 female surfers in the world, and with her career on fire, she is showing no signs of quitting.

She’s also managed to avoid getting eaten by a shark, and is set to appear in James Cameron’s upcoming plant-based documentary, .

International Federation of Body Builders Bikini Competition pro Natalie Matthews, also known as the Fit Vegan Chef, has as much prowess in the gym as she does in the kitchen.

Maintaining her lifestyle while working as a cake decorator is a pretty big feat in itself.

World-class athlete Serena Williams, despite very occasionally eating animal products, is undoubtedly showing what athletes can accomplish on a largely plant-based diet. Heck, she’s even got a lead on her sister Venus, who also happens to strive toward a fully-vegan diet.

Regardless, they’re both smashing it out on the tennis courts and neither has dropped dead from protein deficiency.

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