Man and pup rescue two dogs from icy reservoir

Man and pup rescue two dogs from icy reservoir

Yonkers, New York residents Timofey Yuriev and Kira, his golden retriever companion, have been videoed rescuing two dogs trapped in a frozen reservoir.

Yuriev was reportedly quick to act when he heard a woman screaming while he was walking with his wife and dog at Irvington Reservoir, and stumbled upon two dogs who’d fallen through ice and were trapped in freezing water.

“I was looking at them and I realized, alright, so… the rescuers, they will come maybe in 10, 15 minutes,” he told NBC.

“The dogs might have hypothermia.”

So, in a move that will put those of us who moan about temperatures under 50 to shame, a shirtless Yuriev took the plunge, with Kira not far behind. The pair broke through ice as they made their way to the two trapped dogs, and cleared a route for them to make it safely back to land.

Whether Kira had any idea what was actually going on is undetermined, but we can collectively agree that all dogs are heroes anyway,

Image source: Facebook

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