Vegan wine and cheese spot to open in Austin

Vegan wine and cheese spot to open in Austin

A new deli showcasing vegan cheese and wine will be coming to Austin, Texas — of all places — later this year.

Dubbed Rebel Cheese, the new shop is the brain child of couple Fred Zwar and Kirsten Maitland, inspired by their belief in “the transformative power of plant-based food”.

The menu features items such as a Brie & Bacon Sandwich, Blue Cheese Salad, Rebel Cheese, and a Charcuterie — a great option for those trying to make a first date think we’re, like, classy or whatever. All cheese, egg and meat components will, of course, be entirely made from plants.

Rebel Cheese is set to open seven days a week after its official launch this summer, and you’ll be able to find it at 2200 Aldrich Street in Mueller, Austin.

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