Sarah Jessica Parker partners with Invivo to launch line of vegan wines

Sarah Jessica Parker partners with Invivo to launch line of vegan wines

Actor Sarah Jessica Parker has partnered with New Zealand wine brand Invivo to create a line of vegan whites and rosés.

A video announcing the launch featured SJP herself, alongside two members of the Invivo team, Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron. The trio discussed what consumers can expect from the new line.

“It’s going to look like it’s a million bucks,” Cameron said.

“It’s going to taste like it’s $250 wine, but it’s going to be affordable.”

Well, that’s good news for those of us who enjoy an end-of-day glass as much as Parker — who says she has one “every single day” — but can’t quite match the star’s budget.

According to a statement on the company website, Invivo recently modified its production process to suit vegans, a move made by popular demand.

It reads: “Customers around New Zealand and worldwide have told us they’d love our wine to be vegan-friendly… so from the 2018 vintage onwards, we’re changing our production techniques. For starters, the 2018 Invivo Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is now vegan-friendly.”

Okay, great — but the brand didn’t stop there.

It added: “That said, our Central Otago Pinot Noir is still a bloody good match for a nice cut of Canterbury lamb. Sorry Flossie!”

While this is certainly a confusing move for a company looking to capitalize off of a vegan market, it doesn’t change the status of its upcoming line — suitable for vegans. However, those who prefer beer, and fewer jokes at Flossie’s expense, can find a list of readily available vegan-friendly options here.

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