Fastfood giant A&W adds Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich to its menu

Fast-food giant A&W adds Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich to its menu

Great news! Canadian fast-food giant A&W has added a Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich to its menus, but conscious consumers must take care to make it a fully vegan meal.

You don’t have to look past its name, the Beyond Meat Sausage and Egger, to know the breakfast sandwich is not vegan just as it comes, but does ditching the egg a plant-based sandwich make?

The short answer is no. The long answer is that, for a fully vegan treat, you’ll need to order the sandwich, hold the cheese, hold the egg, and — an easy one to miss — hold the margarine.

Slap some ketchup on that baby and pair it with some hash browns and you’re in business. Even better, travel with a bottle of Vegenaise in your car, purse, pocket or backpack. Yeah, it sounds a bit crazy — but we can say with certainty that you would not be the first.

The breakfast sandwich launch follows that of A&W’s Beyond Burger last year, which was such a success the chain sold out nationwide in a matter of weeks.

And they say vegans will never change anything.

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