Karina Garcia shares vegan challenge with 8.8 million YouTube followers

Karina Garcia shares vegan challenge with 8.8 million YouTube followers

Social media pro Karina Garcia has completed a 24-hour plant-based diet challenge and shared it with more than 8.8 million followers in a video released to YouTube yesterday.

In the video, Garcia is joined by her friend Elizabeth. Both women appeared to have a positive outlook going into the challenge.

“I look up to vegans,” she said.

“It’s admirable. I wish I had the willpower to do it.”

During the challenge, the pair tried a wide range of vegan foods including fruit, chia seeds, plant milk, pizza, cookies and a vegan chocolate cake. While their response to frozen foods varied, they both enjoyed vegan takeout from a number of LA restaurants.

“This is just opening our eyes to it, trying something new,” Garcia said.

The two friends added that, when all was said and done, they were left more open to a possible vegan transition than they’d been before.

“Comment down below some positive comments to encourage us to maybe, like, actually do this,” Garcia told her viewers.

They also asked for tips and tricks on pursuing a more animal-friendly lifestyle.

Well, don’t make us spell it out for you. Ya’ll better get on over to YouTube.

Image source: Instagram

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