Your (vegan) hangover ends here

Your (vegan) hangover ends here

It’s Sunday. Unfortunately. You’ve woken up dehydrated and embarrassed by your verbal vomit and bad dancing the night before.

Why did you hit on your boss at the company Christmas party? Who sings Alanis Morissette’sat a karaoke night? Vibe killers, that’s who.

You should probably have a green juice. We all know you aren’t going to.

Never fear; vegan fast food is here. As the movement grows, plant-based options are appearing on the menu at fast-food chains faster than you can say “I’m never drinking again”.

Without further ado — because you’re probably starving — let’s get into it.

The Beyond Meat Taco

Del Taco — the US-based chain which began its trial of Beyond Meat products at select locations late last year — has announced that its coveted meat-free tacos will soon be available nationwide.

That’s right. In coming weeks, you’ll be able to order the Beyond Taco, which is vegan when ordered without cheese, or the Beyond Avocado Taco, which is vegan as it comes, at all of the chain’s locations.

Clearly, this is great news for those of trying to avoid Harold-and-Kumar style road trips in the name of a plant-based snack.

The McVegan

Despite the fact that this option is limited to Finland and Sweden, it still may be the hardest to get your head around.

McDonald’s really does offer a fully vegan burger, actually called the McVegan, in both of these countries and the pressure’s on for further expansion.

Hungry vegans

It would be a shame to leave Australia off of this list. Fortunately, we don’t have to. Hungry Jack’s, a sister chain to Burger King, introduced a vegan option this summer.

The Vegan Burger includes a plant-based patty topped with vegan mayo and cheese. These topping options put it a step ahead of many of its international counterparts.

They’ve also just introduced the Vegan Muffin (an English muffin with a veggie patty, vegan cheese and mayo, ketchup, lettuce and tomato) and the Vegan Avocado Muffin (English muffin with a veggie patty, vegan cheese and mayo, avocado, lemon garlic dressing, lettuce and tomato). Perfect for breakfast and available for a short time only, so better hurry in there.

And the fries are also vegan, so you can roll up to a Hungry Jack’s drive-through and leave with the full shebang. Now you know why they call Australia ‘the lucky country’. 

The plant-based pinnacle

Director and comedian Kevin Smith isn’t the only plant-based diner obsessed with Veggie Grill, and there’s good reason for it.

It’s all in the name, really. This chain, based in the western United States, is 100 per cent plant-based.

Not only does it offer the fun stuff, like burgers, vegan chicken, pasta, and cake, but you can also grab a salad, if you’re so inclined, to give your body a break after a big night out.

The old trusty

There’s no doubt that Chipotle is an industry leader in vegan fast-food options. The chain offers a plethora of customizable dishes that can easily be made plant-based.

Vegan fillings include not only beans, which have their time and place, but soy-based sofritos.

Again, mind the hot sauce. You’ve been warned.

The Canucks’ vegan burger

Canadians rejoice. After one too many pitchers of Keith’s at the old sports bar with the byse last night, A&W has you covered.

As the first major fast-food company in the country to offer a legit vegan option, the chain sold out of the Beyond Burger within weeks of its debut.

Don’t get your Tragically Hip album out and start crying just yet. A&W restocked the product nationwide this month, so you’re sure to get through the day — just don’t forget to ask for no cheese and no mayo.

The plant-based slider

While there is some dispute over whether the Impossible Burger is actually vegan (as it uses an ingredient once tested on animals), it is at the very least plant-based.

So for those of you simply looking to avoid eating animals and their secretions, White Castle’s new Impossible Slider is a safe bet.

Again, don’t forget to ask for no cheese. That stuff is definitely notmade from plants.

Grab a slice

Australia and the UK need not fear when it comes to vegan pizza. We know you can go pint-for-pint with the best of us, and we’ve got you covered on the pizza front.

International pizza chain Domino’s has offered vegan cheese in Australia for some time, and added it to menus in the UK just last year. That’s right, no more sad tomato bread with vegetables on it.

Domino’s is one fast-food chain where you can have your cheese, and eat it too.

And more tacos

Also a forerunner in the world of vegan fast food is Taco Bell.

The chain offers at least five options which can be served vegan, as well as a full guide on how to make that happen, available on its official website.

Rest assured, you’ll be in a food coma in no time — a brief but welcome reprieve from morning-after remorse.

Sweet tooth

For those of you looking for something sweet from a major chain, Burger King has you covered.

Surprisingly, the chain’s French Toast Sticks are vegan and, when paired with sticky, sweet syrup, should put the pep back in your step in no time. At least until the afternoon dread sinks in.

If you want to slip something salty into your BK order, the fries are also a safe bet in most countries, but it’s not a bad idea to double-check at your nearest location.

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