You really can Eat the Dishes at this vegan food stand

You really can Eat the Dishes at this vegan food stand

We’ve all had a meal so tasty we were pretty much ready to eat the bowl, right? Well, good news! Now you can.

Launched in January, Eat the Dishes is a revolutionary zero-waste food stand that pops up (not totally surprisingly) around the Greater Vancouver Area, offering plant-based delicacies in cups every bit as edible as their contents.

Founded by Marissa Bergeron, a 16-year vegan, street-food lover and experienced world traveler, Eat the Dishes was, in part, born from a sense of guilt — as so many wonderful projects seem to be these days.

“The single-use items I saw in rivers, overflowing trash cans and in parks, really struck a nerve,” she told

“I started to question what I was doing to solve this issue. I knew I had to align my beliefs with my actions and I felt the sudden need to do something creative to gain attention about the single-use item crisis. That’s more or less how Eat the Dishes came to fruition.”

Tired of tossing styrofoam, cardboard, and plastic utensils and containers, Bergeron wanted to offer all the goodness of quick-service street food with none of its inherent waste.

“Not only are our recipes chock-full of fresh produce, nuts, herbs, spices and seeds, they’re also cruelty free and environmentally friendly,” she said.

“We also want our customers to feel empowered to rethink their relationship with single-use items, animals and the environment.”

Now she’s dishing up seasonal soups, chilli and dairy-free hot chocolate at food festivals and events around Vancouver, offering customers an opportunity to enjoy hot, tasty food and skip the shameful shuffle to the trash can in a city where — make no mistake —

Trashing single-use styrofoam is simply off-brand for this Canadian metropolis, where Kombucha virtually falls from the sky, and people favor Saturday morning farmers’ markets over big nights out. We’re all woke and stuff, now — especially the Vancouverites. Better get with the picture and get on your yoga mat, folks.

All jokes aside, you can find out where Eat the Dishes will pop up next by following this link.

Image source: Eat the Dishes/Instagram

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