Pop star Billie Eilish can’t stop talking about vegan burritos

Pop star Billie Eilish can’t stop talking about vegan burritos

Breakout star Billie Eilish, best known for songs such as and  [sic], is taking England by storm with not only her music, but a series of burrito-related rants.

You might think you like Mexican-inspired cuisine, but the chances are this star’s got you beat. Seriously. Allow us to present the evidence.

First, her Instagram handle reads “wherearetheavocados”. Yeah, she’s not exactly known for her subtlety, and as if that weren’t enough, she seems to be talking burritos every chance she gets.

In one interview, released to YouTube last week by The Official Big Top 40, she dropped the B word in a rant about a supposed microwave shortage in Britain. She didn’t stop there, though.

Appearing on another channel, in a video debuted just two days later, the star can be seen rolling and eating a burrito before going on to explain that, since going on tour, she’s had a friend/coworker bring her six cans of beans and five packs of tortillas from the US.

“I don’t even wanna think about how much money overall I’ve spent on cans of beans,” she said.

After being asked if she thought she spent more money on beans than clothes, Eilish said: “Oh! Are you kidding me? more.”

Well — now we know where this vegan gets her protein.

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