This allvegan LA grocery store is the perfect shop for you and your Besties

This all-vegan LA grocery store is the perfect shop for you and your Besties

So, Los Angeles — the veritable epicentre of veganism — now has an all-vegan grocery store for us to drool over.

Besties Vegan Paradise, which opened its doors in January, is packed to the registers with smiling, happy vegans and more plant-based goodies than you can count, proving conclusively that yes, vegans do eat more than just sticks and twigs — and we might not be quite as scary as people think we are.

On top of more basic offerings, like vegan eggs, meat, cheese and bread, you can find anything from plant-based bacon chips to gelatin-free marshmallows on Besties’ shelves, all the result of a mission to make compassionate eating easier for all.

“Our primary mission is equality for all of Earth’s inhabitants, because none of us are free until all of us are free,” reads a post on the company Facebook page.

“That’s why we choose ethics over profits and only carry products from truly vegan companies.”

Those looking to get their hands on said products can pop into the store on Fountain Avenue, where doors are open from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week.

Header and body image: Facebook

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