Rekorderlig Cider is now suitable for vegans

Rekorderlig Cider is now suitable for vegans

Swedish booze brand Rekorderlig has announced that its ciders are now suitable for vegans.

That’s right, folks! All of the brand’s super fruity libations are a-okay for vegan consumption, which means you’ll be able to spice things up during this year’s festival season. So, grab your heart-shaped glasses, denim cut-offs and flower crown and get ready for a good time.

“That’s great,” you might say.

“But aren’t all ciders vegan?”

It certainly might seem that way, but the answer is no.

Often times, beer, wine and cider are created using animal products, such as isinglass or even dairy. In the case of Rekorderlig, gelatin once rendered the drinks non-vegan. The offending ingredient, however, has officially been given the boot.

“We have recently changed our ciders so they are now vegan-friendly. This includes our core flavours and our Botanicals range,” read a statement from the brand

“They will appear on supermarket shelves in the coming weeks and will be clearly labelled on our bottles that they’re suitable for vegans and are gluten-free.”

The clear labelling, of course, will mean less Googling and more time for hammock lounging this summer. So, maybe you can call in “sick” from time to time. Life is meant to be enjoyed,

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