Harley Quinn Smith says adopting her rabbit made veganism a no brainer

Harley Quinn Smith says adopting her rabbit made veganism a no brainer

Actor and musician Harley Quinn Smith has said that it was adopting her rabbit that inspired her to go vegan.

In a video released yesterday by animal charity Mercy for Animals, Smith shared the story of how welcoming her rabbit, Cinnamon Bun, into her home changed her perspective, and her lifestyle, for good.

“When I adopted her, she was in a really terrible condition,” she said. Sad, we know. Don’t worry, it gets better.

“I remember holding her, and she was shaking. And I felt that, if I didn’t adopt her, nobody else would. So, I brought her home and after a few months of showing her how much I really do love her, she came to understand that I was never going to inflict any harm upon her.”

After that, animal-free eating, a topic familiar to Smith thanks to her then-vegetarian mother, seemed the only way to go.

“To see what human compassion could do to a traumatized animal, it really just changed everything for me,” she said.

“I felt like after that, if I weren’t to go vegan, it’d be ignoring the cold, hard truth that was right in front of me.”

Heavy as her story might be, Smith closed the video on a super-positive note that’ll leave you feeling almost as warm and fuzzy as the name Cinnamon Bun did in the first place.

“It’s an incredible way to live your life knowing that you aren’t hurting any other living beings,” she said.

“We just want everybody to be compassionate and happy, and free to live their lives without any suffering or pain.”

No, crying.

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