This chain’s serving up vegan candy in bags as big as your head

This chain’s serving up vegan candy in bags as big as your head

Gelatin. It gets around — and lurks in the gummy candies of our youth. It’s the stuff of vegan nightmares, alongside nooch shortages and the farm animal zombie apocalypse. Wait, we all have these dreams, right?

Fortunately, we can cross one of those horrors off of our list with the help of one Canadian confectionary brand. Quickly becoming a nationwide chain, Squish offers a wide array fully vegan chewy sweets, sure to please even the wannabe Wonkas among us.

Not only are there vegan options at Squish shops, but they also make up a good portion of its candy selection, and are advertised so clearly, they’re near-impossible to miss. While a proudly marked “Vegan Faves” section can be found in store on the daily, Squish is also currently promoting a wide array of Vegan Easter Gummies.

In addition to its seasonal and mainstay gelatin-free offerings, the brand offers not one, but two vegan gummy candy supplements, featuring B12, a vitamin commonly lacking in the diets of vegans and meat-eaters alike, and vitamin D, which — let’s face it — most Canadians could use a bit more of.

You can find Squish stores in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario and, most recently, among the vibrant little vegan scene in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Those who can’t make it to a store, however, can have its products shipped anywhere in Canada or the US.

By the way, here’s a reminder about that annual (or bi-centennial) dentist appointment.

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