Fastfood giant Burger King launches burger that’s not cow

Fast-food giant Burger King launches burger that’s not cow

The Impossible Burger, a patty from plant-based giant Impossible Foods, has hit Burger King, rendering the chain one of many to add a groundbreaking meat alternative to its menu in recent years.

A commercial released to YouTube yesterday features what the chain says are authentic reactions to the burger, from real people who ate it believing it was beef. Their responses to the truth may surprise you.

“It tasted just like a Whopper should taste,” said one man.

“This is a ****ing cow,” said another.

Cow it was not.

After respondents wrapped up a string of f-bombs that’d take you back to the days of Jay and Silent Bob, and Tom Green comedy sketches, the commercial touched on nutrition — you know, the boring stuff. We’ll keep it quick.

Each Impossible Burger to be dished up by BK, under the label Impossible Whopper, includes 17 grams of protein, and is totally free of cholesterol, while the traditional Whopper contains 90 milligrams of the stuff. Kinda cool if you’re into like, heart health or whatever.

All of that said, it should be noted that, while BK’s buns are plant-based, the burger is topped with conventional mayo, and there is some dispute over whether the patty itself is vegan. While it is made entirely of plants, a key ingredient to the Impossible Burger, heme, was once tested on animals — a reality that’s caused some controversy over its status within the vegan sphere.

Vegan or not, this meat-free Whopper is currently available only at participating Saint Louis locations. You can, however, find Impossible Foods’ patties at Red Robin, Bareburger and White Castle locations across the US, as well as products from its competitor, Beyond Meat, at chains such as A&W, TGI Fridays, Taco Bell and Del Taco.

Overall, we’re seeing a massive increase in the availability of plant-based options within the fast food and chain restaurant sphere — certainly something to taco-bout.


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