This just may be the world’s most ridiculous vegan burger

This just may be the world’s most ridiculous vegan burger

Famed vegan butcher shop, Real Fake Meats is dishing up a burger so over the top, it’ll take you right back to the days of

Offered during Halifax Burger Week, an annual food industry event that’s largely meaty in nature, are nine vegan options from various local haunts, one of which is plant-based butcher and Top Chef competitor Lauren Marshall’s jaw-dropping creation.

Appropriately dubbed The Overflow, this meat-free burger — apparently inspired by the rantings of a stuffed-to-the-gills three year old — covers an appetizer, lunch and dessert all in one tasty, indulgent, totally Instagrammable package. Atop a bun holding a seitan patty, string poutine and vegan cheese sits a deep-fried pickle, apple slice, gummy candy and a “peanut butter and raisin chocolate thing” — because why the heck not, right?

Unfortunately, this amazing and, frankly, kind of ungodly creation will only be available until Wednesday, when Halifax’s annual burger bash comes to an official end. Those in the neighbourhood should get to it before The Overflow’s gone for good.

“Oh,” you might say.

“But that doesn’t look very healthy.”

Uh… it’s vegan, so it must be.Maybe not, but who cares? A dollar from every burger sale goes to Feed Nova Scotia, the local food bank. There’s your excuse. Now get going.

Header and body images: Instagram

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