Even Nestlé wants in on the meatless burger game

Even Nestlé wants in on the meatless burger game

International food industry giant Nestlé announced the launch of a meat-free, entirely plant-based burger today.

Dubbed the Garden Gourmet Incredible Burger, this new beef alternative, made from ingredients such as soy, wheat and vegetable extracts, is meant to closely resemble an animal-based burger.

“These new burgers don’t compromise on flavor, texture, and cooking experience,” said Nestlé’s head of food business, Wayne England.

The brand aims to take advantage of what England says is a trend that’s “here to stay”. Given the success of similarly ‘meaty’ products, such as the coveted patties from Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, it stands to reason that Nestlé is after a piece of the plant-based pie.

Yeah, yeah. Now you want a burger and pie. We’re sorry.

Moving on. While the Garden Gourmet Incredible Burger will roll out to Europe first — no surprises there — Nestlé has also announced plans to debut the product in the US, where it will be called the Awesome Burger and sold under the Sweet Earth brand name.

Header and body images: Nestlé

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