Five amazing animals said to have saved their humans’ lives

Five amazing animals said to have saved their humans’ lives

Humans — we’re not always the nicest, or most upstanding folks around. We say mean things, cut off cyclists, and show up late to work. Animals don’t. Granted, this is partly because they don’t have jobs, speak (to people, anyway), or drive — but they’re awesome nonetheless.

In fact, some of them have even been said to have some serious life-saving skills.

Here are five fantastic animals that proved to be true heroes when the cards were down.


In 1998, LuLu the pig, who spent much of her life with human Jo Ann Altsman, came to her companion’s rescue during a near fatal heart attack.

When Jo Ann collapsed to the floor, this pot-bellied pig ran outside — sustaining injuries of her own — and played dead in a nearby road until she was able to lead a passer-by to the woman’s aid.

According to the doctors who helped save Jo Ann, Lulu’s rescue occurred just in the nick of time and Jo Ann might have otherwise died.

Unsurprisingly, the pig’s heroic act captured the attention of mainstream media, and she later appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman.


Next up is Kelsey, a golden retriever who saved her human companion Bob’s life when he slipped, fell and broke his neck in freezing outdoor temperatures.

Kelsey stayed with Bob in the cold for 24 hours, lying on top of him to keep him warm, and barking for help well after Bob lost his voice from shouting.

Bob’s neighbor found him the next day, well into hypothermia — but alive, apparently thanks to Kelsey.


According to reports, Charlie the parrot saved his human companion Jack Dukes when intruders entered his home last year.

After they assaulted Jack and demanded that he give them pills, he says that the parrot came to his defence with gusto.

In fact, according to Jack, Charlie took “a chunk of skin” from one of the intruder’s arms in a flurry of squawking and feathers.

Prince Ozzy

Cats may have a bad rap for being among the moodiest of common companion animals, but each is an individual, and Prince Ozzy is a definite exception to the stereotype.

This black cat helped rescue 48-year-old Sharon Kane when her home went up in flames.

Having a chest infection, a heavily medicated Sharon was asleep when her home caught fire and started to fill with smoke.

Fortunately, Prince Ozzy batted her face until she woke up — perhaps the only time a cat parent’s been glad to have been nudged awake by an insistent feline.


Commonly touted as man’s best friend, it should come as no surprise that there are two dogs on this list.

Axel reportedly saved his human Joyce Ackerley during a home invasion early this year.

When the intruder hit Joyce and tried to steal her necklace, Axel pounced — biting the man and eventually chasing him away from her home.

The move was reportedly out of character but, according to Joyce, made “gentle giant” Axel not just her pet, but also her hero.

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