Kite Hill debuts Everything flavor of vegan cream cheese

Kite Hill debuts Everything flavor of vegan cream cheese

Vegan cheese brand Kite Hill has just debuted an “Everything” flavored dairy-free cream cheese.

Loaded with onion, garlic, and sesame and poppy seeds, this dairy-free spread is modelled after the bagels by the same name — otherwise known as the only bagels worth eating, because garlic is the reason we all get out of bed in the morning… right?

Okay, maybe not. To each his or her own. Whatever.

Those with a sweet tooth may prefer the brand’s other new release, a strawberry-flavored cream cheese alternative featuring real fruit. Not sure how that’s going to work on an Everything bagel, but suit yourself. Your flavor, your business.

You can find Kite Hill’s cream cheeses, which are vegan, non-GMO and gluten free, in eight-ounce containers at Sprouts, Whole Foods and other participating retailers.

Header image: Kite Hill/Living Vegan Body image: Instagram

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