Topshop debuts line of fully vegan shoes

Topshop debuts line of fully vegan shoes

British international retailer Topshop has debuted its first-ever fully vegan line of shoes.

We know, we know. In an ideal world we’d all thrift our shoes, or buy them from a retailer with demonstrated fair labor and environmental practices, but we don’t live in that world. We live in a world where rice never cooks quite right, fitted sheets are impossible to fold, and fast fashion is the only accessible option. That’s where options like these, and the vegan shoes now offered by Canadian brand Call It Spring, come in.

Topshop now offers six PETA-approved footwear options, all of which are marketed as vegan. The collection features strappy and heeled shoes suited to warmer weather. That’s great news for those of us lucky enough to be getting it. Bitter? Who?

Anyway, all of the vegan options from Topshop can be found here, while those looking for alternatives can check out a list of fully vegan footwear brands here, a number of which pay special attention to environmental and labor concerns.

Header image: Topshop Body image: Topshop/Living Vegan

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