Plantbased athlete Lewis Hamilton turned down personal Netflix series

Plant-based athlete Lewis Hamilton turned down personal Netflix series

Plant-based F1 racer Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he was offered a Netflix series focusing on his life, but he turned it down.

Earlier this year, in a deal with F1, Netflix released Drive to Survive, a 10-part season showing the ins and outs of Formula 1.

Lewis has now revealed that he was approached separately by the streaming service before the Drive to Survive series came to fruition.

“I had an opportunity with them a long time ago, before that all came out and it was an individual thing. I didn’t end up doing it,” he said.

Drive to Survive season one focuses on the 2018 campaign, with each episode making one driver or team their central figure to give fans a deeper understanding of motorsport’s premier competition.

“I can imagine it’s been good for the sport for people that don’t understand it and think why you would watch a Formula 1 Grand Prix, see it on Netflix – I think it’s been good,” said Lewis.

“I hope they keep pushing it, even though I’ve not seen it, and I look forward to series two and all the things continuing on.”

It’s a lost opportunity to get a glimpse into the life of this world champion racer, who started his plant-based journey in 2017 and has spoken about it multiple times since.

Not only has he posted on Instagram about animal mistreatment, making the ethical connection for his followers, but he’s invested in the environment as well. In fact, the star took it upon himself to do a beach clean-up last year, which he also shared to Instagram. In his posts, he called the mess “disgusting”, condemning the profit-focused brands that he says helped to make it happen.

Meanwhile, the star took to Instagram this week to share his delight at the flowers he’d received from his local team upon arrival at Shanghai Airport.

“I’m just blown away, you know. Like, I never get flowers. I guess it’s not really a dude thing, but it means the world to me,” he said, in his Instagram story.

Well, then. Perhaps “a dude thing” it should be.

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