Subway trials new vegan wrap in the UK

Subway trials new vegan wrap in the UK

Quick-service chain Subway has announced the trial of a new vegan wrap in the UK.

Dubbed the Vegan Signature Loaded Wrap, this new product is entirely plant-based. While it does feature a vegan patty and aioli, extra ingredients are up to you — so you can count on still having conversation. You know the one.

“Oh, and can I have pickles?”


“But can I have pickles?”


“Yeah, that’s still not enough. Do you need me to come back there?”

Assuming you don’t have anything thrown at you, you’ll have yourself a vegan meal for just £5.30 — that is, if you’re lucky enough to live where the new item is offered. According to a post on a UK Subway Twitter account, the Vegan Signature Loaded Wrap is currently only available at select locations in Wales. That said, the post also promised, “an exciting national vegan launch coming soon”.

Looks like before long, the rest of the UK’s vegans will have the chance to annoy Subway’s staff, too. 

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