You need to try these vegan versions of popular Canadian treats

You need to try these vegan versions of popular Canadian treats

Suffice it to say, Canadians know how to junk food. Perhaps it’s born from the need to get through the all-too-harsh winters (yeah, yeah, except for you, Vancouver), or maybe it’s just about taking the edge off of having to be so freaking polite all the time. Whatever.

The point is, while Canada is not exactly famed for its rich and unique culinary scene, this is a country that is down with the snacks. So, without further ado, here are six vegan versions of indulgent treats that are wholly Canadian.


Clearly the dish the country is best known for, poutine is basically a heart attack looking for its next victim. Many of the nations eh-sayers hold close memories around chowing down on the stuff at the hockey rink, or while stumbling home from a local bar on a Thursday night. Don’t judge.

The name of the game is fries, cheese and gravy. Yes, really. You can find vegan cookery sensation Sam Turnbull’s recipe for this beautiful, foul delicacy here.

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Nanaimo Bar

Alright, so Nanaimo bars aren’t exactly known for being part of a well-balanced breakfast, either. Also super rich, this dessert features thick, creamy and chocolaty layers of goodness sure to spike your blood sugar faster than you can say “What’s Nanaimo, anyway?”

Well, it’s a city in British Columbia, and you can find a vegan recipe for its namesake, also from Sam Turnbull, here.


Butter Tarts

Butter… tarts? Alright, looks like we’re establishing a bit of a trend here. These tiny pies are filled with enough sweet, fatty goodness to get you through your long day at the office. You can even bring them to work for other folks to try — they aren’t, however, guaranteed to shut the chatty Cathy in the next cubicle over. We can’t help you with that.

Regardless, you can find an awesome recipe for vegan butter tarts, from Audrey Snowe, here.


Ketchup Chips

Ketchup chips are the salty snacks that are so gross, they’re amazing. A flavor distinct to Canada, many brands unfortunately have milk in them. Why, you might ask. We do not know. Nobody knows. One of the greatest mysteries of veganism, to be honest.

. Those of us sickos who enjoy these crunchy delights will be happy to know that Old Dutch Ketchup Chips are totally vegan.

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First and foremost, let’s go ahead and clarify that BeaverTails are not actually made from beavers’ tails. That’dbe pretty messed up, eh? But, nope — these things are doughy delicacies thrown in the deep fryer and topped with sweet or savoury ingredients.

Dished up at BeaverTails stands around the country, the brand says a few of their menu items can be modified to be vegan. These include Cinnamon & Sugar and Killaloe Sunrise (hold the butter), Apple Cinnamon Pastry (hold the butter and caramel), and both Maple Pastry and Coco Vanil’ (hold the butter and chocolate sauce). Don’t forget the modifications, and you’re good to go.

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All Dressed Chips

All dressed chips are the magical abomination we all want in a potato chip — or maybe that’s just Canadians, but no harm in givin’ them a shot, eh? Meant to be a combo of ketchup, barbecue, and salt and vinegar, these chips pack a mean flavor punch.

Those looking to render their taste buds useless for a couple of hours will be happy to know Ruffles brand All Dressed chips are a-okay for vegans. Good luck and enjoy!

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