European airline Ryanair debuts €10 vegan meal deal

European airline Ryanair debuts €10 vegan meal deal

Budget airline Ryanair debuted a €10 vegan meal deal this month.

Yes, really —there’s a vegan Prosecco to go along with it. Gone are the days of frantically checking the vegan status of airline booze before you have to put your phone in airplane mode. Here are the days of tipsily chatting your row mate’s ear off about your cat and avocados.

Anyway, the new meal — thatthe important bit, really — includes a plant-based lasagna, a snack, and one of a selection of non-alcoholic beverages. Yeah, you are going to half to fork over an extra €5 for that Prosecco, if you want it. Sorry, folks.

“That’s all well and good,” you might say.

“But airplane food tastes like feet.”

Perhaps you’ve got good reason to think that, but online reviews suggest that this is a definitive exception. While one Facebook user described the dish as “delicious and so creamy”, a Reddit poster said it was “actually pretty tasty”, adding that it was so filling, they couldn’t even finish it.


(Kidding, of course.)

Header image: Stefano Garau/ Body image: Facebook

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