Enlightened debuts five dairyfree icecream bars

Enlightened debuts five dairy-free ice-cream bars

Low-calorie frozen-treat brand Enlightened has debuted a collection of five dairy-free ice-cream bars.

“Enlightened Dairy-Free Bars are vegan, low in sugar and calories, and made with true ice-cream lovers in mind,” reads the Enlightened webpage.

“The nutrition and flavor you love, dairy-free and now spoon-free!”

Great, that’ll free up your hands for any other activities you might like to do — like watercolor painting and adult colouring books. You know, wholesome stuff.

Flavors in the new range include Monkey Business, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Mint Chip, Mocha Chocolate Chip and, of course, Salted Caramel — everybody’s favourite flavor, second only to the all-too-popular pumpkin spice. Each bar contains between 90 and 100 calories and is made using almond milk.

You can find the retailer nearest you here, just watch out for brain freeze.

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